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Get a Secure Loan With Bad Credit

Getting a secure loan with a bad credit can be very hard, but not impossible. You have to know your boundaries first, and you have to inform yourself well before you even apply for a loan. Here are some tips to start.

Know your credit score
Your credit score determines the likelihood that you're financial compatible to repay a loan. It varies from 300-850. The score under 650 is bad for you in terms that many banks or personal lenders will not even want to speak with you about the loan. But, in order to fix this and be able to afford a secure loan that you want, just follow these three simple steps. Pay on-time on your credit cards, credit utilization, and don't apply for another credit. By strictly following this process, in just about three months, you can earn a valuable 100 points on your credit so you can apply for any type of loan with high possibility of getting approved.

If you are in an emergency and you need a cash, but your credit score is really poor, there are some options for you.

1. Loan from family and friends - high likelihood that you will get it will lower interest rate.
2. Personal installment loan - these lenders aren't looking into just credit score. They will qualify you based on many other factors like: where do you work, which school you graduated or where do you live. Maybe you will have more luck with them.
3. Credit unions are a great option, also. They always look for borrowers, and the best of all, they make a judgement based on your character and promises that you will repay them, not on your credit history. The maximum interest rate is 18%.
4. Find a Co-Signer. If you have some friend that is qualified to be your Co-Signer that's a nice option to get a loan. But keep this in mind, if you late on payments the both of you will suffer.

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