FAFSA.us : Helping YOU receive the Financial Aid YOU deserve.

Why use fafsa.us?

1. Our Mission:
Our business is founded on the principle of helping the student properly submit an error free FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) with a personal touch and the least amount of disruption in the lives of the students and their families.

2. What we do for you:
Each year millions of applications are sent to the U.S. Department of Education for processing. Due to the high volume, the process only allows for electronic review of the application prior to and during processing by the Department of Education. Our service is dedicated to adding to that service by providing personal review and problem resolution to each FAFSA application before submission.

If inconsistencies are found, we will make every effort to contact the student to resolve the issues before submitting. This can save weeks if not months of confusion and difficulties due to errors sent to the processing center.

If no inconsistencies are found during the review process, your application will usually be submitted within 1 business day.

3. fafsa.us and the Department of Education:
Our service is not in opposition to the U.S. Department of Education; rather we work as a Preparation Service similar to a tax preparation service assisting individuals with reviewing and preparing tax forms for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. We focus on easing the stress, worry, and possible problems that may arise due to an incorrect submission via the Department of Education's free site www.fafsa.ed.gov.

4. Additional options:
Though there are other services that offer avenues for filling out the FAFSA, we concentrate on making the process as painless and simple for you as possible. We designed the site with ease of use in mind. Rather than swamp you with links to pages and pages of processing rhetoric and financial aid jargon, we prefer to keep it simple and straightforward. If there's anything you're confused about, our trained representatives will be pleased to assist you. We are here to help you, and we are very interested in maintaining our end of that process.

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